Obtaining Rights

Why am I required to obtain licenses from both record labels and publishers?

Any recorded song is legally subject to two distinct sets of rights: the copyrights on the song itself (the lyrics and music of the writers and composers), and the rights on the recording (the actual recorded interpretation of a given song). In order to use a song, you need to clear the rights and pay royalties or license fees for both the song and the recording.
Music publishers (and sometimes the writers and composers directly) own the copyrights on the song, while record labels (and sometimes artists directly) own the rights to a recording.
When you license a Stingray Licensing track, you pay for the right to use the recording as we are a record label of re-recordings. However, you still have to license the rights to the song from the music publisher(s). It is your responsibility to contact the music publisher(s) and obtain a license from them for your specific use of the song. Need help getting these rights? Let us know!

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