Music Mixes

What kind of versions does Stingray Licensing have?

In most cases we have three versions of each song.

  1. Sound-alike
    This is a full mix of the re-recorded hit song, including lead and background vocals and all instrumental tracks.

  2. Back vocals only
    This is an instrumental version of the song with background vocals kept intact, but without the lead vocal track.

  3. Instrumental
    This is a stereo instrumental version of the song, from which all vocal tracks have been removed.

  4. If you are looking for the scrolling lyrics on video please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Catalog Overview

  • Over 14,000 professional masters available
  • Catalog is broken up into 11 genres and 40 sub-genres
  • Catalog offers masters in Spanish, English, French, German, Greek and Italian
  • Tracks are catalogued by key and can be key-changed upon request.
  • Each master is reviewed by our quality assurance team before being released in order to guarantee top quality and precision
  • Upon client request, the creation of a master that is missing from the catalogue is always a possibility

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