About Stingray Licensing

Stingray Licensing

  • Thousands of re-recorded hit songs in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian*.
  • Nine decades of popular musical genres.
  • Pop, rock, R&B, country, Latin, hip-hop and more.
  • More great things to come...

Stingray Licensing, is the owner of the leading library of re-recorded hits, delivering note-perfect reproductions of the world's best-known music, with or without vocals. Ideal for use in TV, movies, advertising, ringtones, video games, consumer products, and karaoke applications.

As a provider of music to American Idol, Disney, Paramount, EA, Fox, and countless advertising agencies and production companies, Stingray Licensing is the affordable alternative and the Ultimate Music Solution.

Stingray Licensing is a subsidiary of Stingray Digital Group.

*The number of songs available in our catalog may vary for each product offered.